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We're back after twenty years!

The Multiplex record label originally put out 26 vinyl releases and 6 CD albums between 1995 and '98. Notable artists include Mark Broom, Orlando Voorn, Titonton Duvante, Stasis, John Tejada, Morgan Geist, Starec, Dan Curtin, Baby Ford and many more, including the best of the Copenhagen scene. The music style was a broad mix of electronic dance music genres.

Multiplex have a strong base of Danish artists, Rune RK aka. Kölsch made his debut in '95 with two EPs under the alias Atificial Funk. Copenhagen's iconic techno producer Bjørn Svin also had his first release on the Tivoli Trax compilation, cult artist Goodiepal also contributed to the series, as did Future 3 members Thomas Knak, Acustric and Dub Tractor - The last of whom produced several track as Sølvpil. The list goes on and of course includes Cai Bojsen-Møller and Kong, solo as well as together under various monikers.

The imprint was rebooted in 2017 by Steen 'Kong' Mogensen and Daniel Kaarill. After two decades Multiplex released a steam of original 12" through Rush Hour Distribution. These were not represses, but vintage records hidden away for almost two decades - Most of them found in storage in original packaging from the pressing plant.

However, Multiplex is not dwelling in the past as they have begun to send out new material on fresh vinyl. Both updated classic and previously unreleased track, as well as all new productions - Something futuristic with a retro feel to it.

Multiplex releases beautiful, kickass music for the floor and for your listening pleasure.

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Behind the scenes

Steen Kong, DJ since the 80's, toured Europe in the 90's. Started Mantra, Copenhagen's first weekly night club purely dedicated to electronic music in 1993. Kong originally started Multiplex in 1995 with Cai Bojsen-Møller, but later took over and ran the label until the release of the last 12" in '98. Still an active DJ and promoter in the Danish capital, he holds several residencies.

Daniel Kaarill has been involved in the Copenhagen electronic underground for many years, first as a photographer, later as a promoter and DJ. Entering the scene in the late 90's, establishing the Zerrbild parties in 2003, and since '05 taking part in building up the venue Culture Box, which he would go on to manage full time until 2017. Various other projects include promoting the Echocord imprint.

Contact us

info at multiplex records dot com

Full discography

Fresh vinyl

MUPL 032 • Obey The Night • V/A
MUPL 031 • The Spirit of Man and Machine - Part 1 • Cai Bojsen-Møller
MUPL 030 • Lucid EP • pH 1
MUPL 029 • Planet Ultra - The Lost Tracks • Ultra
MUPL 028 • Bodycall EP • wilma
MUPL 027 • Tivoli Trax vol. 3 • V/A
MUPL 026 • Push EP • V/A

Vintage wax

MUPL 025 • Futurity EP • Titonton
MUPL 024 • Pushed EP • Morgan Geist
MUPL 023 • The J Is Silent • John Tejada
MUPL 022 • Evanouir EP • Hüebsch Originators
MUPL 021 • Bits • Cai Bojsen-Møller
MUPL 020 • Get Lost III • V/A
MUPL 019 • Tivoli Trax vol. 2 • V/A
MUPL 018 • Pets • cK
MUPL 017 • Get Lost II • V/A
MUPL 016 • 500 EP • Sølvpil
MUPL 015 • Sound Of Stas • Stasis
MUPL 014 • Get Lost • V/A
MUPL 012 • Spank All Over • Mikael V. Larsen
MUPL 011 • The Chase EP • Dan Curtin
MUPL 010 • A Night In The Pit • Cai Bojsen-Møller
MUPL 009 • Polly Pocket EP • Artificial Funk
MUPL 008 • Tivoli Trax vol. 1 • V/A
MUPL 007 • Hard From Da Boulevard • DJ JSL
MUPL 006 • Faber Mundi EP • Goto
MUPL 005 • You Sexy Thing • Mikael V. Larsen
MUPL 004 • Push Me / Blue Move • CH Connection
MUPL 003 • Real Funk • Artificial Funk
MUPL 002 • Spin • Goto
MUPL 001 • Snowcrash / Oxyd • Goto
KONG 001 • Yeah! / Tropical • Kong
CPT1 • Cai's Power Tools #1 • Cai Bojsen-Møller

CD albums

MPCD 06 • Tivoli Trax • V/A
MPCD 05 • Past - Present + Future • V/A
MPCD 04 • A Bit Of Something • Cai Bojsen-Møller
MPCD 03 • Scandinavian Supermarket-Music • Lindberg Hemmer Foundation
MPCD 02 • Get Lost • V/A
MPCD 01 • Compositions For Pets • cK

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