Scandinavian Supermarket-Music At Its Very Best

Lindberg Hemmer Foundation

01 • The Buy Buy Song
02 • Uhm, Snacks! • feat. Anders Gaardmand
03 • Golf • feat. Merete Mongstad
04 • Pour André Citroén • feat. Jesper Sveidal
05 • Full Auto
06 • Playa De Las Mucho D
07 • Party At Tony's Beach • feat. Morten Grønvad
08 • Theme From Spectrum
09 • Frank Of Denmark • feat. Morten Grønvad

"From their entrance together in this set, after the opening acetone beats in 'The Buy Buy Song', right through to the last measures of 'Uhm, Snacks!', Dan Hemmer and Morten Lindberg exhibit a elegance of sound and subtlety of time which is only seen once or twice in this century. Sound and time, however, are not enough; it is what they are used to hold together that makes them of such importance to the music-scene of today. And that is ? Why the melodic line of course; and beyond everything else it is the melodic line that Lindberg & Hemmer woo and win in their music.

It isn't difficult to hear, to feel, to dig - any verb that describes your own response will do. As you listen again and again, the melodic lines and the subtle rhythmic push will sweep up and over the level of dynamics to create for the listener a truley fine Hammond & Bass album.

While I'm whistling my way to the local supermarket to beg the owner to, not only buy this wonderful album, but also to hire The Lindberg Hemmer Foundation for a live show there, - I must say - I really like these guy's"

— Mr. Kong (1996)

Written and produced by Lindberg Hemmer Foundation — Dan Hemmer on Hammond-organ & synthesizers and Morten Lindberg on Fender bass & synthesizers. This album was later re-released on April Records, where the duo also released a second album. Morten Lindberg died in 2019 RIP.

1996 • MPCD 03 • CD