A1 • Sex  La Mode
A2 • Thumb Sucking
A3 • What More Can One Wish For
B1 • Be My Rockit Tonight • rmx by Dr. Rockit
B2 • The World Is A Remix • remix by Knak

Behind the simple cK moniker we find the two Multiplex founders Cai Bojsen-Møller and Steen Kong Mogensen. On this 1997 EP they explore the world of abstract break beats.

The two first original productions on the A side, "Sex  La Mode" and "Thumb Sucking" are, playful and up tempo. While "What More Can One Wish For?" has a laid back, jazzy groove, with more hip-hop style drums.

On the B-side we are presented with a remix called "Be My Rockit Tonight", produced by non-other that Doctor Rockit aka. Matthew Herbert. He tightens up the sound and dives deeper into the jazz elements.

"The World Is A Remix" is a classic drum'n'bass cut from Thomas Knak also known as Opiate. There's a mood in the samples that could send you off to 50's sci-fi movies.

1997 • MUPL 018 • 12"

MUPL 018